Our mission: Extend the life of your asphalt!
Why is asphalt sealant a major component of road tar maintenance?
Asphalt paving has a lifespan that depends on several factors. The quality of laying and maintenance are major elements. The quality of the asphalt layer installation depends on the respect of the different stages of laying, such as ground preparation, compaction and asphalt thickness. A good sealer allows the asphalt to breathe while protecting it and giving it its original appearance.
Our recommendations for an optimal sealant
We recommend applying a bituminous sealant 1 year after paving a driveway or surface. Then, this road tar maintenance operation can be repeated every 2 years. This step will extend the life of your asphalt since the protection will prevent rainwater infiltration into the asphalt ports and also prevent the asphalt from breaking during winter temperatures. Thanks to our maintenance and bitumen sealer you will limit the appearance of potholes and holes.
Our sealant: a guarantee for the life of your asphalt area
The sealant we use is oil-based and is called “black mac”. We apply it under pressure and at a temperature above 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). We always make sure to seal a clean (dust-free) and dry surface. To make sure that the surface to be sealed is clean, we use air-powered machines to clean it. We recommend that our customers wait 48 hours before using the freshly sealed area. This will maximize uniform drying.